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Housing market on the rise


National housing numbers are on the rise, with some areas see major increases in average home prices.

Real estate agents in our area say while sales are up, prices remain the same.

Look around your neighborhood.

You may notice less For Sale signs.

Remax of Thomasville agent Julie Bryan says that is a good thing.

"We are really needing more properties because people are buying them. That's an indication, when your listings are going down, and you need more listings, that's a good sign."

Bryan says each local market was hit differently by the recession, and are recovering differently.

"I talked to brokers all over the country, their market is coming back. Their prices are going up. However here, real estate is local, our prices are stable at best which is very very good."

Bryan says once they get rid of all the foreclosures depressing the market, prices will begin to rise.

"We've got a lot of out of town people that are working these foreclosures, that are in charge of these foreclosures, that do not know our market. In my opinion I think they have hurt our market and have hurt our sellers by bringing the prices down."

But now is still a great time to buy.

"Our interest rates, even though they have been creeping up, they are still very good. The lenders are lending money. You do have to have good credit in order to purchase a house," said Bryan.

And agents like Bryan say this economy does not scare them anymore and they working towards the future.

"We've learned to deal with the market. We've learned to work the market. We've learned how to price things properly, but yes we are optimistic for the rest of the year to be very good," said Bryan.

While foreclosures are still impacting the market, they have dropped about 32 percent nationally over the last year.

The number of existing homes for sale decreased nationally to 2.28 million from 2.4 million this time last year.


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