People Who Make a Difference: Dr. Lois Champion Price

An Albany woman who retired from the education field after 31 years has now written a book depicting her childhood. "The Yellow Bus" inspires us all to pursue our dreams as this week's People Who Make a Difference.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dr. Lois Champion Price has been an educator for the Dougherty County School System for over 30 years. As one of 12 children and as a former principle at Sherwood Acres Elementary school she says teaching has always been her calling.

"I was never without children around me and sometimes when I was young I would go into the nearby woods to be alone and I would take my grass dolls and I would dress them up tie ribbons on them and I would teach them," said Price.

Growing up in Sumter County, Price had a passion for writing poems and used those talents inside her classroom to help her students learn. "When I woke this morning there was something in the air, I looked all around me and science was everywhere," Price said.

As a young girl Price struggled to understand why she had to talk to school while white children rode the bus. "Why can't I ride it? And he would just tell me you'll ride it someday maybe not right now but you'll ride that yellow bus someday."

Price was eventually able to ride that bus and wrote about her experience. She was unaware that her daughter would find the poems and turn them into a book titled the Yellow Bus. "It just brought tears to my eyes because I was remembering what I felt like as that child."

Price and her daughter used the book as teachable moments with family members, but now want to pass the lessons of persistence and perseverance to both young and old alike. "I want the children to know how far we have come and we can continue to pursue what our dreams are."

A website is set up for donations to help get the book published, so that the message to never give up can be spread to schools everywhere. "I want to be able to read and give the book to the children and perhaps give them to libraries that request them. Price says she hopes to have the book published by November of this year.

Price hopes to raise $2,500 by October first.

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