America On The Move Month: Healthy Tips On The Go

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With busy work and school schedules, it can be difficult to find the time to make healthy eating habits on the go. But for dietitian Julie Joiner, its all about preparation.

"Most of us walk in the door at five o'clock and we don't know what we're gonna have for supper and that's when we tend to make not the best decisions. So, making a plan will serve you well," Phoebe Putney Dietitian Julie Joiner said.

Putting together a network of supportive people along with hiding junk food can help you stay on track.

"Put the fruit basket in the middle of the table you're more often to eat it compared if you have bag of candy. Whatever you see often is what you're going to eat," Joiner said.

And for parents, if you want your kids to join in there is one way you can help.

"The more we surround them with healthy foods, put them on the table, they see us eating them, enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables that goes a long way to role model what eating looks like for children," Joiner suggests.

According to the program "America On the Move" cutting out 100 calories a day contributes to a yearly weight loss of 10 pounds.  Joiner says it's all about taking small steps throughout the day rather than just dieting because in the end it can make a naturally healthy lifestyle.