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Election officials double checking voter list for problems


An audit of voter roles in Fulton County turned up a lot of problems. In Sandy Springs, nearly 8% of voters were listed in the wrong district or under the wrong address. Dougherty County election officials say they've been double checking their voter list for problems and working to educate voters about upcoming changes.     

The November election will be the first since redistricting in Albany. A lot of people who used to live in District 5 were shifted to either District 2 or 3.     

That means they could vote at a new precinct.Election workers are trying to make sure all registered voters get a new a precinct identification card, so there won't be any confusion on election day.

"Of course every voter received a precinct identification card, any changes that are made to your record, as if a name change or street, if you change your address it's precinct identification card by law, that we are required to send out to the voter notifying them of the changes in their status," said Ginger Nickerson, Elections Supervisor, Dougherty County Board of Elections.       

For more information on what precinct you're in, or need any information regarding the upcoming election visit:  http://www.albany.ga.us/content/1800/2889/3023/

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