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Truck driver tries to save his co-worker

Steven Bailey Steven Bailey

Steven Bailey was working his first day as a truck driver for Demott Peanut Company on Monday, but his excitement turned to despair in an instant.  

"Tears came to my eyes, I'm be straight up with you, I got emotional tears came to my eyes," said Steven Bailey, witnessed crash.  

Bailey was driving behind his co-worker Richard Dumoulin who was hauling corn seeds when his semi crossed the median and flipped on the side of Georgia Highway 520 in Worth County.  

"Well I met Mr. Richard at 6 AM that morning and he died at 9:15 AM," said Bailey.

Bailey says he couldn't believe what he was seeing was real.  

"I thought I was in the movies, it was something that you couldn't even imagine," said Bailey.

Bailey tried to rescue Dumoulin, but he was trapped and his truck was burning.  

"He hit the trees, I stopped my truck and got out, and I called 911 and I called my superiors and the truck was on fire so I got my fire extinguisher and I came to put the fire out," said Bailey.  

Unfortunately, he couldn't get his co-worker out.  

"Life is too short, life is very short, you never know," said Bailey.  

Bailey urges people to be cautious when driving. 

"When you're not afraid of that truck that means you don't have no respect for it, but I always be very cautious and just take your time and respect it," said Bailey.  

So you won't be the victim of an accident.

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