Viewpoint: Lessons learned from football

Since last weekend was the beginning of football season, we should address: "Lessons From Week One."

I know it sounds like the rant of parents, but what is wrong with the "It's all about me" kids today?

Reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel apologized to his Texas A&M teammates for his conduct this past off season, which included  improperly signing thousands of footballs, photographs and other memorabilia for money.

The NCAA suspended Manziel for the first half of the Aggies' season opener.  As part of Manziel's punishment, the NCAA ordered him to address his teammates and share what lessons he learned from the scandal.

Surprisingly, after the 1st half suspension it didn't take him long to hurt his football team again. After the play, Manziel motioned to a Rice defender, shook his head, and pretended to sign an autograph. After throwing a 23-yard touchdown, Manziel walked down the field while rubbing his thumb and forefingers together, a gesture that typically means "money."

After another touchdown, he jawed with another Rice player and then pointed both of his hands at the scoreboard. Officials didn't miss his taunting a second time, and he was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.  This causes many to say he didn't get the message, and should have been suspended for much longer.

We must also mention we hope coaches everywhere put an end to the unnecessary jumping chest bump celebrations after big plays. Georgia's Malcolm Mitchell suffered a torn ACL and will miss the rest of the season, after he jumped and landed awkwardly, while celebrating Todd Gurley 75-yard touchdown run in the first quarter.

Our older generation would say: think about "team first", and not "me first". The classy play is to just pitch the ball to the ref, and let your play speak for itself.

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