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Albany Fire Dept: "Keep an eye on your grill"


Now that the end of summer is nearing, many people are spending this Labor Day weekend with family and friends cooking out doors.

Albany fire officials say if you are grilling outdoors or cooking inside, it's important to be careful and pay attention to your grill.

"When they're out and about they're having the cookouts and everything, they just forget about what they're actually doing and then they realize they got a problem. It's a little more than they can handle so they have to call us," said Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose, station 1.

Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose with the Albany Fire Department says they respond to a lot of calls on Labor Day weekend.

"Be very careful with charcoal and lighter fluid. If you got a fire you think is not working right, don't put extra lighter fluid in while it's burning," said Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose.

Gas grills can also have firefighters at your door step.

"Make sure all connections are tight and there are no leaks. That everything is working properly," said Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose.

He says once your food is cooked, it's important to dispose of your hot coals the right way so you won't ignite any flames.

"Make sure they're out before you dump them in a dumpster or flower bed. It could start a dumpster fire or grass fire," said Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose.

Ambrose says so far, the weekend has been pretty quiet, and with these safety tips, he hopes it stays that way.

Firefighters will work as usual and will be on standby 24-7 in case of any emergencies.


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