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Football just goes better with snacks!

Salinda Owens Salinda Owens

It's football season, and many of us here in South Georgia enjoy watching a good game, while munching on snacks from the concession stand, and folks at Lee County High have their stand ready for Friday night's opener.  

"First game of the season, yes we're ready," said Salinda Owens, Concession Manager, Lee County High School.  

Lee County High is ready to feed hungry fans while supporting the band.  "We serve lots of food and make a lot of money for the band," said Owens.  

Salinda Owens has been working this concession stand for eight years, she's ready for the rush. "Each home game we probably serve over a thousand plus people," said Owens.  

But Salinda can't serve thousands alone.  "We have to operate with at 20 minimum volunteers, we like it if we have 25 to 30, it takes days of getting the concession stand ready to serve food, you know ready to open to the public," said Owens.  

It takes days of planning to get ready for a Friday night.  "The first thing we have to do this takes days, is we have to clean everything, we have to clean everything, we have to check equipment running, next thing we have to do is organize shipments, and getting shipments in and stocking everything," said Owens.  

But game day is when the real work starts.  "The day of the game is we will start icing drinks down, start making sure drinks are cold, will start feeling up peanuts, nachos, that kind of thing, getting the grill ready for the guys coming in for us," said Owens.  

Ultimately serving thousands, making their football Friday night a little more enjoyable.


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