WALB's TOP TEN TEAM: Albany's Young continues to intimidate

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - At 6'3 and 230 pounds, Albany senior linebacker Juwon Young is an imposing presence before he even puts on pads.

But once he straps up for action, Young becomes the most intimidating player on the field.

"People say I look scary," Young says. "I come at them full speed, break down, and tackle them all kinds of ways."

Just adding to that intimidation factor, Young isn't afraid to bring the lumber.

"I hit hard, hit em real hard," the four-star recruit says. "On the first play of the game, I'm trying to hit them hard. On the last play of the game, I'm trying to hit them hard."

Sometimes, to the dismay of his coaches, he's even trying to hit them hard in practice.

"I have to tell him, 'Don't try to kill our kids. Save it for Friday night,'" laughs Albany head coach Felton Williams.

But Williams adds once the pads come off and Young steps off the field, that scary figure becomes a lovable kid.

"A big kid I'll say, because he loves to play," Williams says. "But he knows when to play and not to play. He's a very joyful kid to be around."

Young led Albany High in tackles last season before making a name for himself by earning Defensive MVP honors at the Georgia Rising Seniors All-Star Game in January.

Not surprisingly, the player Young says he emulated as a kid was Ravens' LB Ray Lewis.

Williams says that's a perfect comparison for how his star LB plays.

"That's a great synopsis," he says. "He fits that mold."

In June, Young decided to follow in his favorite player's footsteps by committing to the University of Miami.

Young will likely spend many practices attempting to tackle Lewis' son, Ray Lewis III, who committed to play running back for the Hurricanes next season as well.

"I'm going to have to look him in his face," Young laughs. "It's just going to be a great experience."

In his final season with the Indians, Young plans to wreak havoc on opposing offenses.

"Just being the top dog on the field and doing what I have to do," Young says about his senior season role.

That's why the intimidating Young has been named to our WALB Top Ten Team.