Viewpoint: Battery theft hurts us all

We're accustomed to seeing in the news that people are  victimized when their Brass, copper, and aluminum is stolen by people who turn in the metal for money.

What we're not used to seeing is citizens having the batteries stolen out of the cars by criminals who are now turning them in to recyclers or money.

And have you seen the prices for a car battery lately? Even for a small car, they can run over $100. For trucks and heavy equipment, it's much more.

This is becoming a serious crime, and those who steal from their neighbors are bad enough, but stealing batteries from vehicles mostly disrupts the lives of people who may be hard-pressed to buy a replacement. Recently, even charities have fallen victims to these shameless criminals.

Adding batteries to the regulated recycling list is a good way to make these thefts not quite so easy to convert to cash.

And we call of the legal system to find these criminals and lock them up.

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