"Teen Maze" Is Back To Help Students With Decision Making

CA Gray Junior High
CA Gray Junior High

Classes are back in session at CA Gray Junior High. And faculty and staff are planning more than just homecoming this year. A project called "Teen Maze" is re-visting with students to help them understand the consequences of their decisions. The experience from last year is a confidence booster for becoming a hit again.

"Tremendous response from both the community, the school, the students, everybody wanted to do it again. They were so excited about it," says Chamber of Commerce member Terry Schuler

The program gives students scripts that sends them to designated stations that are managed by professionals in that field. Situations such as being in a wreck after texting and driving or teen pregnancy where they would have to wear an empathy belly. However, not all scenarios are designed to have a negative outcome.

GA Gray Guidance Counselor Debra Lightsey explains, "They were also given the opportunity to overcome those obstacles and get back on track, graduate from high school, attain a job and be successful in life."

Its a new way to send a simple message.

"I have a choice to make. I'm in control of my future and what I do today affects my tomorrow. That you're worth something better, you have choices, you can do this," says Teen Maze Chairperson Katrina Bivin

Because of the expense and two-hundred plus volunteers needed for the operation, it can be difficult to host.

"We're a small rural county so for us to pick it up it says to the state that, 'hey, we have students worth saving here in Moultrie,'" says GA Gray Guidance Counselor Pamela Heidelberg

It's an event both students and those involved are hoping to become a CA Junior High tradition.

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