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Albany residents will soon pay new fee


You'll soon pay a new fee to help reduce flooding in Albany, update the city's old drainage system, and make sure the city complies with federal regulations.

Tuesday night City commissioners approved setting up a new storm water utility.     

It will be funded by new user fees that will be set later. Residents will pay a flat fee added to their monthly Water Gas and Light bill. Businesses and tax-exempt organizations such as churches and Phoebe Putney Hospital will pay based on the strain they place on the system.

"I think it's a good thing for the city of Albany. We've had a number of meetings with the city commission and staff members, this is something that's a growing problem around the state, that is to develop improvements to deal with storm water issues that are going on all across the state, so it's simply creating the best possible system for financing improvements in the future is a good step forward," said Bill Holby, attorney.       

About 50 Georgia cities already charge a similar fee.

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