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Dougherty County woman sentenced for illegal dumping


A Dougherty County woman will have to complete 100-hours of community service for illegal dumping.     

Albany leaders say they're happy with the sentence for a woman who tossed bags of garbage on a site behind the old Bobs Candies plant.     

They hope the sentence sends a message to others thinking about putting their trash where it doesn't belong.

WALB went to Amanda Webb's home to get her side of the illegal dumping story, but we didn't get an answer. 

Code enforcers showed up here earlier this month after they found Webb's personal information throughout nearly a dozen bags of garbage they say she dumped here near Oakridge Drive in Albany.  It's something that doesn't sit well with Mayor Dorothy Hubbard.  

"We just want people to be mindful if you do it, you will be caught and you will be exposed" said Dorothy Hubbard, Mayor of Albany.  

Webb went to Municipal Court last week, and Judge Willie Weaver ordered her to perform 100 hours of community service.  It's possible she'll soon be picking up trash from dumpsites like this that leaders say are becoming too common in Albany and Dougherty County.  

If you go down the dirt behind Old Bobs Candies Plan you can see where residents have used the dirt road as a dump site to dump some of their personal items ranging from couches, tire, and other personal items, but city leaders want this to stop because they want to keep Albany Dougherty County beautiful.  

"Our community everybody that lives here, it's theirs, they have a piece of it and we need to make it look as good as we can look," said Judy Bowles.  

Mayor Hubbard says the city is cracking down on these illegal dumpers.  

"We going to have to enforce that, we're going to have to throw the book at some people," said Hubbard.  

All in an effort to keep Albany Dougherty beautiful.

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