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Call 11 for Action: Abandoned building a nuisance to neighbors

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Toledo resident says she's been calling the city for years about the same problem: An abandoned building next to her home that she says makes the neighborhood look bad.

The building is on the 600 block of Woodland Street. The grass is uncut around the building and there is a rodent problem. Brenda Rance has lived on the block her whole life, and says for the past 10 years, the building next door has been a nuisance.

"Trees are over-growing. They broke my phone lines," Rance said. "It's making the value of my home go down and I can't get good insurance because of this dump next door to my house."

Rance says the back of the house is like a jungle with the tall grass and rodents.

"The animals lurk on my property. I can't let my dog out because of all the stray cats that are trying to catch the rats," she said. "The rats come in my house in the winter and I have to buy over $100 worth of poison to get rid of them."

She says she's also had to replace some of the wood on her back porch because the rats chewed it up. She has even paid to get the front yard of the abandoned property trimmed.

"It helps keep down all the rodents if you try to take care of it yourself," she said.

Rance says she's called the city many times.

"They say they would send somebody out here to inspect the property if it was a nuisance," she said. "And they said they would talk to someone on the commission about tearing it down, but they never did it."

She says she just wants the grass cut and something done about the rodents.

City officials say they don't own the property.

Others with problems like this should call City Hall at 419-936-2020.

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