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Locker snafu means no valuables at AHS

R. D. Harter of the DCSS R. D. Harter of the DCSS

Albany High School students are being asked not to bring valuable items such as cell phones and laptop computers to school for at least the rest of the week. Students can't use lockers right now and some thefts have been reported.

Tracy Rowe says her son's cell phone was stolen from the gym dressing room during P. E. class. Because the students don't have lockers yet, officials say don't bring valuables to school.   Students can't use the lockers at Albany High School yet. They each have to be coded with a new combination. It's usually done over the summer, but the new principal did not know that had to be done until the students arrived.

"We have lockers with built in combination locks. And so students have not been give their locker assignments as of yet. So that's going on this week, and we hope to have students in lockers soon," said DCSS Information Officer R. D. Harter.

The lockers have to have new combinations each year, so that last year's student can't enter it. Parents and officials tell us that students have had cell phones taken, especially those left around the PE dressing rooms.

"They were asked not to bring the phones to school. In the interest of cell phone security, keep them at home. But we have had some cell phones reported stolen,"  Harter said.

Albany High officials are scrambling to get school personnel to recode every one of the hundreds of lockers this week. Trying to make the situation better, they are also asking the students and parents to use these thefts as a learning experience.

"We would like to raise a student body that would be more aware and conscious and caring for their fellow students. We would like to ask students to remember the moral obligation they have to their classmates, to not take things that are not theirs," Harter said.

 A high goal, but in the meanwhile it's best that Albany High students leave valuables at home. The good news for Tracy Rowe's ninth grade son, his cell phone was recovered by Albany High officials and returned to him today.

Rowe says she was never told that her son should not bring valuables, but now school officials are trying to make sure the message gets out. School officials aren't sure how long it will take to re-code and assign the lockers. They hope to get it done by week's end.


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