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GSP spins car to end three county chase

Maurice Sanders (Source: Turner County Sheriff's Office) Maurice Sanders (Source: Turner County Sheriff's Office)
Alandrey Brown (Source: Turner County Sheriff's Office) Alandrey Brown (Source: Turner County Sheriff's Office)

Two Florida men are in custody after a three county chase across South Georgia, which ended about 9:30 Tuesday morning after leading deputies in a tri-county chase on Interstate-75.

The pursuit began as a speeding stop near Ashburn but morphed into a chase of over 100 miles an hour when 22-year-old Maurice Sanders and 20-year-old Alandrey Brown refused to pull over.

Turns out they were driving a stolen car from Jacksonville and were caught traveling with weapons and body armor.

The chase extended into Cook County and ended after Georgia State Patrol Troopers performed a pit maneuver. They were assisted by Tift County Sheriff's Deputies and the Cook County Sheriff's Office. 

The pursuit continued into Tifton, where you can see Tift County Deputies driving near the suspects before the car cuts off a deputy and narrowly misses a vehicle in front of it.

"These guys don't seem to care.  Of course, they're criminals, they're not gonna care.  But our interest is to make sure the public's safe and try to catch these bad guys and put them in jail,"  said  Turner County  Sheriff Andy Hester. 

Georgia State Patrol Troopers later joined the pursuit and tried an unsuccessful pit maneuver. The suspects even kept control after getting rammed off the road. But they were finally boxed them in.

"The driver of the vehicle will face a lot of traffic charges," Hester said. "And I know that it'll be Turner, I'm sure Tift County and Cook County will have some charges also.  And whatever we turn up during the investigation. There could be some warrants pending.  I know there will be for the stolen vehicle."   

Turner County deputies recovered a revolver and a semi-automatic handgun from the front of the vehicle after the suspects were in custody. Body armor was later discovered in another search.

"It raises our suspicions when you find firearms and especially bullet proof vests.  And there were some other items in the car.  Some duct tape and some gloves," Hester said. 

Investigators say they don't know much about the suspects at this point, but are continuing to search for any ties to robberies, drugs or gangs.

"I hope nobody has been hurt from these two guys.  But hopefully we can solve some crimes or keep these guys from getting back on the road and hurting somebody."  

Investigators are trying to figure out why some of the seats in the car were hollowed out.

They plan to bring in dogs for a more thorough search of the vehicle.

 Investigators are also working to trace the serial numbers on the weapons to determine if the guns were stolen.


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