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GraceWay author celebrated as hero


Albany author, Jim Fallaw is a recovering alcoholic and has helped others get their lives back on track. Saturday, he was celebrated as a hometown hero for his work with two non-profit recovery communities.

Jim Fallaw was given a plaque as a testament of appreciation from the people he helped save.

"They caught me by complete surprise. I tell you what, it amazes me," said Jim Fallaw.

Jim Fallaw has been sober from alcohol for 32 years. For the last 10 years, it was his duty to teach recovering people the spiritual principles and application of the 12 steps process to become addiction free.

Fallaw teaches at Anchorage and GraceWay, which are non-profit organizations that help people battle substance abuse and get back on track.

"Somebody tells you to work in steps and they tell you to practice the principles, if you put those principles in place, God will do his job," said Jim Fallaw.

Many at Anchorage and GraceWay call Fallaw an icon and hero. His book 'One Man's Journey' shares his experience of overcoming addiction. He says fighting addiction is never easy, but it can happen.

"After the 15 years it got a little easier. The more you commit to those 12 steps and principles, the less you have to do with it," said Jim Fallaw.

Fallaw credits a higher power for his journey and his ability to help many women and men restore their lives.

"It's amazing what God can do. For an old man, through an old man. It's absolutely amazing," said Jim Fallow.

At 72 years old, Jim continues to teach the 12 step principles at Anchorage and GraceWay twice a month.

If you would like a copy of Jim's book contact Anchorage or GraceWay. 


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