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Phoebe Family Medicine in Ashburn is closing down

Rick Smith ( Phoebe Putney Corporate Director, Public Relations and Marketing) Rick Smith ( Phoebe Putney Corporate Director, Public Relations and Marketing)
Elge Williams (Concerned citizen) Elge Williams (Concerned citizen)

The Phoebe Family Clinic in Ashburn is shutting its doors after more than eight years.  

"Unfortunately we had to notify patients and employees of the clinic starting last week that as of August 31st the clinic will be closing," said Rick Smith, Corporate Director of Marketing & PR, Phoebe Putney Health System.  

Budget cuts have continued to take a toll on the Phoebe Family Medicine Ashburn Clinic facility. Phoebe Family Medicine Ashburn clinic was losing thousands of dollars a month, and has lost $ 2.3 million dollars since 2008.  

"A lot of it is really the economics of healthcare right now, the patient demographics, the payments source reimbursements changed considerably and it's just the number of patients that physically come into the clinic with the declining number of patients and with reimbursements being the way they are, this could not make the money to keep the facility open," said Smith.  

Closing the facility means a loss of jobs for those who work here.  

"Right now our human resources department are working with employees, there five employees that worked in the clinic, their working with them to find other locations within the Phoebe family for them to work," said Smith.  

And now individuals who use this clinic on a daily basis will have to go somewhere else.  

"To help them continue their continue of care, all the records are being transferred to our clinic in Sylvester," said Smith.  

Elge Williams, who uses this Phoebe facility, says it's going to be hard for her and other residents because now they'll have to travel out of the city limits to get medical attention.  

"It will be a big loss to the community, but most of all people who don't have transportation, for them to have to travel out of town to another doctor that would be a big loss for the community," said Elge Williams, concerned citizen.  

For now, employees who work at the clinic, and those patients who come here will have to do some adjusting to the changes that will be taking place after next week.

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