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Unwanted guests flood your home


The ground is more saturated than usual this summer and that's driving unwanted insects into many homes in South Georgia.

Folks at Adam Exterminators have been swamped with business all summer long because of the abnormally high rain amounts. The wet conditions are forcing unwanted critters out of their natural habitat and into your home.

"What this rain does is it actually destroys their habitat area and with Argentine ants especially their low nesting ants it's not like a fire ant mound and it actually destroys their habitat which gets them moving," said David Reed manager of Adam Exterminators Inc.

Ants aren't the only insects being forced out of their home, which is keeping the phone lines at Adams Exterminators ringing off the hook.

"We've had an influx of ant calls American smokey brown roaches, which come from the outside, even Asian cockroaches. We've had a lot of flea calls and of course mosquito services have been off the roof this year," said Reed.

The high demand for their services has made it difficult to keep a light load for sprayers and the jam packed days has some employees feeling overwhelmed.

"Our business has been booming this summer. It's been tremendous grade at times overwhelmed but we've managed to get everything done that we need to get done," said David Reed.

There are some preparations that you can do to limit the threat of pests entering your home.

"Keeping your shrubs and trees trimmed off of your house with all the rain that we've had and the growth patterns of Crape Myrtles and shrubs this year please make sure that the shrubs and trees are not contacting the house," said Reed.

If you see standing water around your home it is a good idea to remove it as soon as possible to cut down on the risk for mosquito nests and unwanted bugs creeping into your home.


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