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Three-day red snapper season starts

  Saltwater fishermen in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida will soon be able to catch red snapper in the Atlantic Ocean, but only from Friday through Sunday.

  Biologists in all of the states will be checking the fish caught to gather information about the size and sex of the fish and better determine next year's red snapper populations.

Albany fisherman Jackie Sizemore thinks there are plenty of red snapper out there to catch and the weekend should be a big hit. 

 "Oh absolutely, but not only that, but it will have an effect on stores and people spending money and people going on vacation, charter boats, and it will have an enormous effect on everybody," said Jackie Sizemore Owner of Backwoods Outdoor Store.

 Red Snapper season will re-open in the Gulf of Mexico on October first.  The normal fall season lasts about a month, but Sizemore says it could end early.


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