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Tifton residents say "No" to proposed bypass

Proposed bypass site on Carpenter Rd. Proposed bypass site on Carpenter Rd.
Billy Washington Billy Washington
Kimberly Larson (Georgia Department of Transportation Communications Officer) Kimberly Larson (Georgia Department of Transportation Communications Officer)

A community has come together united.  

"Black people, white people, others we've come together, this may be the answer to a lot of community problems," said Billy Washington, concerned resident. 

And they've come together for one reason.  

"No we do not want it," said Sarah Dorman, concerned resident.  

"No I don't want it I live to close to it," said Jimmy Puckett, concerned resident.  

What these Tifton residents don't want is a proposed bypass that would allow trucks to come down Carpenter road. 

If you drive down Carpenter Rd you can see the markings on the ground from where the Georgia Department of Transportation crews have been surveying the area. 

While many residents say the bypass is needed in Tifton, they aren't in favor of the current proposed route.  

"More noise from the trucks and the speed that will be coming through here, it will certainly bring more trucks, and therefore people getting up to leave to go to work, and stuff like that they got to beat the trucks, and we're talking about a lot of trucks that will be coming," said Washington.

Thursday night, hundreds of these concerned Tifton residents gathered to ask questions to D-O-T officials concerning the proposed site. And they were ready to alleviate any of the anxiety these residents may have.  

"Reason we're here is to find out what citizens and local officials want, with their feedback let us know how they feel about the proposed alternative for a bypass that we're presenting tonight," said Kimberly Larson, Communications Officer, Georgia Department of Transportation.  

But some local officials have already made up their mind concerning the proposed bypass.  

"My colleagues saying now we had a meeting, it's not going to happen, it's not going to happen," said Donnie Hester, District 1 Commissioner, Tift County Commission.  

For now D-O-T officials will just have to wait and see if this event has changed any hearts, if not, they may have to look at finding other bypass alternatives.

The construction of the proposed bypass is estimated to cost a little over 52 million dollars.  The county would have to come up with the revenue if they decide to move forward.

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