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Crops having a tough time with the wet weather


It looks like a good season, with bright, healthy pumpkins at Mark's Pumpkin Patch.

But unusually high rainfall is putting his pumpkins at risk.

"Been in this for 32 years and I've never seen this much rain in August, we've had 10.4 inches in the last 8 days that's about 8 more than we've really needed. If a plant gets diseased up it won't be as big or numerous," said Mark Daniel owner of Mark's Melon Patch.

It also can affect his customer flow.

"If it's raining hard people aren't going to stop nearly as much so it impacts us in the field somewhat in with success and, plus it slows down our sales but it's amazing what people will do when the rain stops--they come back in pretty good," said Daniel.

Especially for the upcoming holidays, it's something that Mark works really cares about.

"I'm kind of half semi-famous with a lot of 5 year olds out here, they love coming out here and have a good time with the pumpkins and all and we wanna make sure they have a good crop to pick from," said Mark Daniel.

And if pumpkins weren't enough to worry about, Mark has peanut crops, too. Probably one of the more complicated crops to look over this season. The wet conditions have restricted some of the use of his tractors and has him and his team digging by hand to finish the job, but he's been staying positive.

"There's no way to prepare you've just got to take it day by day and just make the best of it," said Daniel.

A task he has come to accept.


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