Viewpoint: The Superintendent's Contract

Interim Dougherty County School Superintendent David Mosley has done an outstanding job getting the troubled school system back on track.  The system needs him to stay on the job for another year, but the school system doesn't need to try to circumvent state law to make that happen.

A new law says former employees receiving state retirement benefits must temporarily give up those benefits if they come out of retirement to work full-time for the state again.  It's a smart law designed to protect taxpayers and keep workers from double-dipping.

Starting in October, Dr. Mosley must either give up his $154,000 a year pension or his $175,000 salary.

The law is clear.  He can't have both, but that's what Dougherty County School Board members are trying to make happen.

By law, the system must have a full-time superintendent.  Yet, board members voted to ask the state for permission to list Mosley as a part-timer, simply so he won't have to give up his retirement pay.  That's dishonest, and it's just wrong.

Mosley says he wants to stay, so the board should renegotiate his contract.  Giving him a fair raise to make up for the health care coverage and other benefits he would lose by giving up his retirement pay is reasonable.

As good as he's been for the system, there's no reason to overpay him, and there's certainly no reason to try to trick the state into paying him twice.

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