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Mini-bikes stolen from Thomasville farm store


Two black Baja Warrior mini motorcycles were stolen from the Tractor Supply Store in Thomasville Tuesday night just before midnight.

TPD officers went to the store at 15086 U.S. Hwy 19 South, and took a report from Ann Yepsen, the store manager.

Yepsen said she was contacted by the alarm company after an alarm was triggered at the store, and when she arrived, she found that an alarm cable that was attached outside the store was disconnected, and a wire cable that secured items outside the store together had been cut.

Two mini motorcycles remain connected to an alarm set cable outside of Tractor Supply in Thomasville. The same cannot be said for another pair just like them.

"These are brand new mini bikes. They are going to stick out a little bit," said TPD Detective Louis Schofill. "They are a little unique item. They're not something you see out here on the streets every day. If anyone sees anything or sees anyone driving brand new mini bikes call the Thomasville Police Department."

Investigators say the bikes were taken from the store just before midnight last night. An alarm was triggered after a cable securing the bikes was cut.

"They did everything they could. There were alarms on the cable. There were separate alarms. They did everything they could besides expecting people not to steal from them," said Schofill.  

Investigators say surveillance cameras were not able to capture the theft on video and the thieves must have used a serious cutting device.

"They're a thick cable. Just like anything though can be penetrated I guess."

Investigators say it's important for the public to keep their eyes and their ears open to crimes like this.

"All the time we get tips after the fact that do lead to a lot of important information, arrests and stuff like that when people did not even know what they were seeing. But it does turn out to be something very relevant."

The stolen Baja Warrior mini bikes are each valued at $1,500.

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