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Code enforcement educates public and issues citations

Homeowner receiving citation for trash in yard Homeowner receiving citation for trash in yard

Code enforcement and Douglas police officers went through neighborhoods Tuesday night to educate the public. 

"I'm with code enforcement, come by to talk with you, we have some code violations," said Roger Goddard, code enforcement officer, Douglas Code Enforcement, Planning & Zoning.  

They also issued citations to code violators.  

"We spoke with you last week about getting this cleaned up, and unfortunately we will have to issue a citation for it," said Goddard.  

And they're doing it all to cut down on crime.  

"Well code enforcement goes hand in hand with crime prevention, and if we can get the overgrowth and the vacant properties taken care of, we believe there can be a reduction of crime, therefore there will be nowhere for criminals to hide," said Goddard.  

They were looking for overgrown yards.  They were also making sure people understand stricter animal control and garbage ordinances that recently went into effect.  

"On animal control issues we look for has the dog had proper vaccinations, does it have a rabies collar, does it have proper shelter to get in and out of inclement weather, and on the trash issue we look at your leaf and yard limb pile, mainly just for your yard to breathe, make sure it's not contaminated so the public works department can pick it up," said Rogers.  

Valerie Smith got a warning because she had too many cars in her yard, but she appreciates what the city is doing.  

"At least they telling everybody what they got to do, they aint just being ugly, they telling everybody what they got to do," said Valerie Smith, owner.  

But not everyone responded that well.  

"Law screwed up, why we pay all of this here in garbage disposal and trash and stuff, $30 a month for nothing," said one homeowner that was issued a citation.  

Code enforcers say following the rules is lot more affordable than paying fines for violations that could run into the thousands.

Code enforcement officers say they will be out again Thursday evening looking for more violators and issuing more citations. They hit more than 200 homes Tuesday and they told us they think it was a successful effort.

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