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Who has AFD's credit card?

AFD's Sam Harris AFD's Sam Harris

 The Albany Fire Department is investigating who took their lost credit card and tried to use it twice. It was all caught on surveillance video, and Investigators are asking your help identifying the people involved.

A firefighter dropped a city of Albany credit card at a store by mistake. Surveillance video now shows us who took the card, and who used it later that afternoon. City officials want the card back, and they are concerned because a child was involved.

On June 26th an Albany firefighter made a purchase with a firefighters City of Albany credit card at Short and Paulk, but surveillance video shows him drop it on the floor.

"When they went to put the credit card in their pocket, he missed his pocket and it fell on the floor," said AFD Investigator Sam Harris.

A few minutes later a group of people drive up to Short and Paulk in a blue Escalade. A man, two women, and a young girl from the Escalade walk up to the counter where the credit card is visible on the floor.

A few seconds later the women and child walk by the card, and the child picks it up. As they walk down another aisle the girl hands the woman the credit card and she puts it in her pocket. The child's involvement concerns city officials.

"Of course the little girl, you can see in the video where the woman points at the credit card and then the little girl picks it up. We're concerned about that also. We want to talk to them about it. Discuss what happened and go from there," Harris said.

Later that afternoon, a man in a Chevrolet HHR goes into the Murphy Oil on Cordele Road and uses that city credit card to buy $8 worth of items. Two days later someone tried to buy a $500 gift card at a Family Dollar store, but the card had been canceled by then.

"In regards to recovering our property of the Albany Fire Department. The card is a city of Albany credit card and we're concerned about who has it."

A group picked up the lost credit card. And then the man who used it later that day. If you can identify these people, Albany Firefighters want your help. Investigators want to talk to these folks, and get their side of the story.

Taking and using a credit card that does not belong to you is financial card theft and fraud, and is a felony.

If you can help, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You could earn a reward. You can also call the Fire Department directly at 431-3262.

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