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Coffee: Good or Bad, which is it this time?


The question over coffee once focused on whether you took it with cream or sugar, but now a question over life or death?

A study from the Mayo Clinic ties a cup of Joe, or too many cups, with a higher mortality rate, while another study suggests coffee is good for your health. So what should you believe?

Call it a morning jolt: That warm cup of coffee is a good pick me up for millions of Americans. "I drink three cups of coffee a day. Large cups. So maybe six cups," said Coffee Drinker Matthew Ard.

Ard isn't alone in his coffee consumption. But what was long thought to be a safe drink is now challenged by a new study. Over a 30 year period the Mayo Clinic found men under 55 who consume four or more cups a day are 56% more likely to have died from any cause, women in the same category had a twofold risk. But some coffee lovers say the study won't keep them from their next cup. 

 "What are the other risk factors? If they're drinking coffee to drive 18 hours late at night, you're more likely to die from having a wreck. It's not the coffee that has anything to do with it," said Elements owner Calvin King.

By the way, Ard is a physician's assistant who think coffee in moderation is just fine. At Elements Coffee where hundreds of cups of Joe are brewed and served each day, its owner Calvin King is familiar with these kinds of studies concerning the world's favorite drink.

"Just about every year something is coming out about coffee, good or bad," he said.

Ironically, the same the day the study from the Mayo Clinic was released A Duke University study showed that coffee or the caffeine in it can actually protect the liver. Go figure.

"It helps lower certain risks of cancer. It's high in antioxidants and of course you have the alertness just to get through your day," said King.

And for a business built from a bean, King is confident one grim study is not enough to scare the lovers of java. "I really don't see any negativity that may come out in one study or another really affecting our desire to drink the coffee."

For a look at the Mayo clinic's study on coffee Click HERE.


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