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Major Valdosta drug raid lands one in Jail

Jamie Sherwood was sleeping when she heard a loud boom Jamie Sherwood was sleeping when she heard a loud boom

A major drug bust in Valdosta put a suspected drug dealer behind bars. Early Tuesday morning Lowndes County Sheriff's Investigators raided the home and found a lot of drugs.

A large amount of cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, and a gun were all seized from the Dellwood Drive home. Lowndes County Sheriff's Investigators have been watching the home since July.

 Tuesday they arrested 35-year-old Machari Nelson - a convicted felon, and a suspected drug dealer.

Neighbor Jamie Sherwood says she was sleeping when she heard a loud boom. "I'm laying in bed and I hear this huge thing of thunder, and I'm like I didn't think anything of it at first and then I heard it again and I heard people shouting 'police police.'"

The loud noises were diversion devices investigators threw into the home before they entered.

"There's at least ten cop cars lining the streets, like people busting down the door. It was insane," said Sherwood.

The lead investigator believes Nelson was a major supplier of drugs in this area. But before they caught him they waited until most of his children were out of the home.

"We served the warrant at a time when we believed the children would not be present, or the least amount of children present. We only found one at the home, but there were upwards of five children living in the home," said the undercover investigator.

Neighbors say Nelson and his family stayed to themselves, and they often saw a lot of foot traffic in and out of the house. Officials say this investigation is far from over. There may be more arrests coming.

Nelson faces multiple charges including trafficking cocaine and marijuana. He's being held in the Lowndes County jail.

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Lowndes County Sheriff's agents raided a home that they say is connected to a drug case Tuesday morning.

It happened near Dellwood Drive and Young Drive around 8:30 a.m.

Authorities at the scene call it a "major drug bust." They say cocaine, marijuana, and crystal meth were confiscated from the home, along with a gun.

Officials confirm one person was taken into custody, and say more arrests are possible in the case.

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