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Text message slang pops up in classrooms


BTW, JK and BRB – That's the kind of writing kids are using everyday now as they grow up in the age of texting. Now, it's making its way into the classroom.

Dougherty County educators are seeing more slang and grammar mistakes in students writing and they say cell phones are to blame.

Almost every student in Andrew Sadler's 7th grade reading and language arts class at Radium Springs Middle has had a cell phone for quite some time.

Each familiar with texting and using short hand writing on a daily basis, some admit to those BTW's and UR's already slipping into their school work.

"Using improper language, improper grammar," said Sadler. "Especially now with all the texting and using text code to write formal essays."

The Dougherty County School System is seeing grammar and spelling mistakes mostly among high school students. The slang is showing up in their writing without them realizing they're doing it.

Though, as soon as educators saw a problem there came a solution.

"They have little mini lessons on the difference between the formal language and informal register," said Cassandra Sampson, DCSS Secondary Curriculum Educator. "They'll group together in pairs or in small groups and the kids actually edit each other." "What teachers have to do is focus on code switching and that means in one environment it's okay for you to use your text messaging lingo, which I have teenagers and they have to decode for me."

Mr. Sadler says teacher collaboration, routine curriculum, and ironically the use of technology provides the right aid for students to battle the effects of texting and a way to keep track of their skills.

"We use what they call continuous assessment," said Sadler. "We test, teach, retest, reteach, so that at all times they know where they are and what component they need to work on."

The students have several resources like reading logs and computer programs like Infinite Campus. Parents are also encouraged to have their students read as much as they can outside of school, to keep them on track and the G2G's and TTYL's out of the classroom.

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