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Phoebe Putney's economic impact $1.3 billion

Phoebe Putney has a major impact on Rouse's business Phoebe Putney has a major impact on Rouse's business

Phoebe Putney is the Albany area's largest employer.  

"Phoebe employs over 4,000 employees, now we have employees in communities all throughout this region, not only in Dougherty County and Lee County, but in counties surrounding as well," said Rick Smith, Corporate Director, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.  

The Georgia Hospital Association added Phoebe's salaries and other spending, and the multiplier effect of that money, and came up with a huge economic impact figure.     

"The numbers that the GHA looked at is from 2011, and they did multiple multipliers to figure the number up, but they estimate that our impact on the community is 1.3 billion dollars," said Smith.

Medicine Man Corner Store owner Charlie Rouse says Phoebe has a major impact on his business, he says that 20-25% of his cash flow comes because of Phoebe.  

"There has been many times that the Phoebe physicians, when their looking for quality nutrition supplements they've recommended a lot of people to me, so I've been very blessed by that," said Charlie Rouse, founder, The Medicine Man's Corner.  

Phoebe's presence supports a lot of other businesses in South Georgia as well.  

"Phoebe is really like a magnet, we attract in physicians and professionals and people throughout the country to come here to work and those people will come, they will buy homes, they shop in the grocery store, they go to the movie theatre, they shop at our various stores and eat at the restaurants," said Smith.  

Rick Smith says Phoebe is always looking to grow.  

"We always look at opportunities to expand, we look at the medical need in the community and try to expand whatever that need is, so that's something I think the leadership continues to look at, and if the opportunity to expand, we certainly would do so," said Smith.  

So that Phoebe can continue to provide a boost to Southwest Georgia's economy.

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