Viewpoint: Good news on furloughs

It is certainly great news for employees at the Marine Corps Logistics Base and for the economy in southwest Georgia that the furlough days have been cut in half.

Instead of missing 11 days of work without pay, MCLB employees will only lose six days.

Losing six days of pay has still been very difficult for base employees and their families and it has been a tough blow to our area's economy.

The furlough days were cut because the defense department worked long and hard to find other ways to meet the mandated budget cuts brought forth in sequestration.

While we can all celebrate this news today, we need to hope that furloughs will not be back next year.

Defense secretary Chuck Hagel is already warning the department will have cut more than 50 billion dollars in next year's budget under sequestration.

If those cuts happen, let us hope the defense department can make those cuts without having to furlough civilian employees.

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