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ADDU arrests two in narcotics bust


Officers of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit raided a duplex at 901 South Maple Street about 11:00AM, and arrested two people.

Agents tell us that Kendrick Huff and Sheila Walker had cocaine, crack cocaine, and a dozen bags of pain pills.

ADDU Commander Major Bill Berry said, "One was about an ounce of combined coke and crack. A little bit of money. The other one was just numerous pills. Varieties of pain pills. Xanax and thing like that. there was 11 or 12 vials, medicine vials that contained those different pills."

Drug Agents say Huff andWalker were using the alley behind the duplex as a drive thru drug house. "This, if you want to call it a full service. You had crack cocaine, and then you had pain pills coming out of a duplex. You had almost curb service there," Berry said.

Drug agents say even during the bust, suspected customers kept pulling up to the rear doors.

"Strangely enough, there are about 8 or 9 police cars in the front, several people pulled up in the back. When we approached them and talked to them, they just said they were over visiting. So interesting, they didn't see us."

Dozens of hydrocodone, morphine, and other pain pills were seized. Drug agents say they are seeing prescription pills in about two-thirds of their cases.

"But it's not unusual for us to go out and do a drug raid or a drug deal and end up with pain pills. They are in just about every operation we see now a days."

A trend that drug agents say continues to increase. Prescription pain pills, like Xanax and Oxycodone, can sell for about $20 a pill on the streets.

Berry said most of those prescription pills were randomly mixed in medicine bottles with several different types of drugs.


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