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Stolen van compounds Worth Co. nightmare

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The van is similar to this one The van is similar to this one

A Sumner woman is facing more hardship as she struggles to get her stolen van back. Authorities say it was stolen by the man who assaulted her, but she has to come up with hundreds of dollars to get it back.

Elisha Paoletti is trying to help her cousin, who GBI agents say was assaulted by 34-year-old Buddy Forrester. He's also accused of assaulting the woman's daughter.

"We never thought anything would ever happen like this. Ever," said Elisa Paoletti. "She's very worried about her daughter. She wants to try to get counseling for both of them. It's just very hard and she's taking it as well as anyone can take it."

Family members say Forrester was the woman's boyfriend and was living with them at on Sumner Road in Worth County. But last month, agents say Forrester held them against their will, and then fled in her 1996 Astro van.

Forrester was captured more than 600 miles away in Virginia. He remains behind bars there, and the van is stuck there too.

"The van that is in an impound lot in Virginia, we can't afford to get it back," Paoletti said. After Forrester was arrested, the van was towed to a service center. As of Tuesday it would cost $795 to get the van out of the lot. And an additional $40 each day it sits there.

"The price is just racking up and it's just even harder and harder to find anybody to be able to help us out with the money situation with getting the van back," Paoletti Said.

Their money situation is even tighter than normal because the van isn't the only thing Forrester stole. "He took all her money. That's why the money situation is very hard for her. She did have money put aside for the bills and stuff and he took everything."

Paoletti says while her cousin has reached out to different agencies for help, she's gotten nowhere. "She's very frustrated, she's very aggravated. She just feels like she's not getting help from anyone. She doesn't know what else to do. Everyone is giving her all these places to call and she's not getting calls back. The stress, it's just very very hard on her."

Now they're turning to the community for help. They're asking for things as simple as school supplies. If you would like to help, call Elisha Paoletti at 302-857-9852.

Forrester is charged with child molestation, kidnapping, and sodomy in Worth County. More charges are pending in Georgia and Virginia.


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