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Student Athletes speak out about A-Rod


Major League Baseball has suspended 13 players including Alex Rodriguez for 211 games because he was using performance enhancement drugs. Alex Rodriguez says he plans to appeal but the other players have accepted their suspension without pay.

With all the talk about the use of performance enhancement drugs on the professional players and coaches at Westover high school talked about the severity of using the drugs and why they shouldn't use them.

Alex Rodriguez has been suspended from playing baseball as well as other MLB players. and players at Westover are staying away from the performance enhancement drugs because they know the consequences that comes with using them.

As the Westover Patriots prepare for the upcoming football season coaches are trying to make sure the players use their own strength to win games instead of relying on performance enhancement drugs.

"We talk to them about the negative effects that those performance enhancement drugs can have over time they're going to do things to your body that's going to have an adverse effect on you," said

Westover senior and field goal kicker, Tanner Stumper knows it's not worth it and says he stays away from performance enhancement drugs.

"I plan to have a family in the future, I want to have sons and daughters that look up to me, and if I ever use steroids, you know what if my son came up to me and said  ‘Dad have you ever used steroids before?' I don't want to be able to say yes because then I would feel like I was peer pressured into it," said Stumper.

Tanner also feels that Alex Rodriguez and the other major leaguers suspended today cheated.

"I think it is cheating, because what if it was a game winning grand slam? Could have gone a foot under the white line, and if he'd been taking those drugs, gained a little bit of a kick went over the thing, he would have won the game.  He's cheating," said Stumper.

Coach Jones wants his players to gain strength and perform well by doing it the right way.

"We all know that those anabolic steroids can make you have great gains in the weight room, but we want our kids to do it the old fashion way and just pump that steel and pump that iron," said Coach Jones.

It's an applicable lesson on and off the field; success should be earned through hard work and not cheating.

Rodriguez is considered one of the game's greatest sluggers. He has hit 647 home runs in 19 seasons.

Rodriguez also holds the largest contract ever in American sports, signing with the Yankees in 2007 for $275 million over 10 years.

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