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Humid, wet summer means more mold problems


This year's wet weather has led to mold problems for many homeowners in South Georgia.  

One business that treats the growing fungus has seen a huge increase in mold cases.

Jud Savelle of Bishop Clean Care and his team of technicians have been busy treating homes contaminated with mold.

"In the last two weeks I've looked at six cases and normally we would not see that many in a year's time," says Savelle.

The wetter than average summer and high humidity have created an ideal environment for mold.

Savelle says the most common type they're treating is what's called surface mold.

"These have been the slower types of mold growth that have occurred from humidity levels being too high. And with the exterior air being so high in humidity these days and all the rain we've had, it's just adding fuel to the fire."

If left untreated, mold could impact your health, specifically your respiratory system.

"Mold does affect people in different ways, that's the reason there's really no hard laws on it, we just know it's not good for you," explains District Environmental Health Director Dewayne Tanner. "So what may affect you may not bother me in the same environment.  However, any mold is not acceptable."

Experts say the best way to fight mold is to eliminate the two things it needs to thrive: food and water.

Mold can live off of a variety of food sources including dust, wood, paper in the home, and anything organic that it can feed off of, according to officials.

Savelle recommends keeping a clean house and getting your air conditioning unit checked on a regular basis. He says most of the cases his company has seen recently have come from the air conditioning system putting out too much humidity into the home.

And the cost? A small mold treatment can cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Bigger jobs can cost higher than $10,000. And when it comes to insurance, experts recommend checking with your provider to see if you are covered or eligible for coverage.

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