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Theft victim wants her stuff back!


A Dougherty County woman, who confronted a burglar inside her home Friday, said she wants the crook to return her stolen property.

Dougherty County Police are also investigating a second burglary Sunday in that same neighborhood to see if the two similar crimes were done by the same crook.

Investigators say the burglar was in the Cold Springs Road home for more than 10 minutes before he confronted 70 year old Bertha Thompson in the hall.

Two smashed back doors on the Thompson's home have been nailed shut, after someone kicked them in Friday afternoon. Bertha Thompson was in her office, and thought it was her husband returning home. "I heard the drawers kept opening and closing. I said, well let me go try to help him find whatever it is he is looking for," Thompson said.

Bertha walked toward her bedroom, when she met the burglar. "He came then down the hall, and I encountered him face to face. And I said what are young looking for? He started running."

Thompson said she was so stunned, she went into her bedrooms to find them ransacked. Her wallet was missing, along with some cash and her credit cards, and her jewelry. But today she is most upset because he stole her special mementos.

"My nurse's pin was taken. My sorority pin was taken. My sorority lifetime pin." Thompson today said she was blessed the man did not have a gun, and just ran. "I really feel like he thought he was in the house by himself. Because my husband had pulled off in the car and let the garage door down. So I guess he thought nobody's home."

Even though she is still shaken, Thompson said if the burglar is watching, she has a message for him. "You better give me back everything you took from me. Because I've been violated. And those things you cannot use. They were old things that have sentimental value to me. And I want them back. And then I'd probably punch him." She laughs, "But I want my things back first."

Sunday a Betty's Drive home in the same South Dougherty County neighborhood was burglarized when the homeowner went to church. Someone broke in a window. Tonight Investigators ask people to keep watch for suspicious persons.

The burglar is described as a white male about 20 to 30 years old, 5 foot 8 inches tall, maybe a mustache. He was wearing a white T-Shirt, checkered shorts, and a red back pack.

A neighbor say him drive in and out of the Thompson's yard, in a black or dark blue Volkswagen Fox. The neighbor said the crook waved at her as he drove by.

Investigators are asking people to keep an eye out for suspicious persons in that Volkswagen. If you have any information about that burglary, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS, or the Dougherty County Police.


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