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Thomasville restaurant owner speaks out after robbery

Restaurant Owner George Mathes Restaurant Owner George Mathes

A Thomasville restaurant owner plans to start using the police department's free escort service after he was attacked and robbed.

66-year old George Mathes fought with two masked gunmen Thursday night before they overpowered him and took his wallet.

Monday, police continue their search for the gunmen.

George Mathes is the owner of George and Louie's in Thomasville.

Mathes says he and his employee Michael Clark locked up around 9:30 and started walking to their cars.

"When we got to this corner of the building, I never heard them coming from behind, but they came up from behind and took us by force."

Mathes tells us his first instinct was to resist so he began scuffling one with one of two masked gunmen.

"I confronted the guy and then the other guy had the gun pointed at my face and said he would shoot me so at that point I discontinued the resistance."

"Try to be safe. Try to keep yourself safe. Don't try to fight with anybody. It's better off just to be safe and try to cooperate with them and try to be a good witness after the fact," said Detective Louis Schofill.

The robbers never tried to enter the restaurant, but they did run away with Mathes' wallet which contained $340 cash, a credit card, and a social security card.

"We are following up on a couple leads with George and Louie's. Reviewing surveillance video from other businesses in the exact area," said Schofill.

"We were not able to really see them very well at all. It all happened so fast. They came up on us so quickly," said Mathes.

Thomasville investigators say with all of the recent closing time robberies they are offering free help to anyone who asks.

"We are going to let the police come by for an escort whenever we close the restaurant at night from now on," said Mathes.

Police and Mathes say after the robbery, the gunmen ran through the bushes behind the restaurant towards Commercial Bank. 

Thomasville investigators say if you know anything about this crime or need a police escort call 229-227-3249.

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