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AFD dive team trains hard


Albany Firefighters train underwater for their new dive team.  Eight firefighters spent most of the day training in the YMCA Sports Park Pool Friday.

They're getting used to breathing underwater with regulators and air tanks. Learning to clear water in masks, and other basic diving techniques.

It's part of the weeks of training that 33 firefighters have volunteered for, to form a dive team to work on rescues or retrievals in South Georgia rivers, lakes, or ponds.

For the majority of the divers, it's a new skill they are mastering.

"We have some veteran divers. Maybe a good twenty percent are veteran divers, that for them is a re-certification for them. But for mostly 80% it's new to us including myself," said AFD Training Chief Rubin Jordan.

Saturday, another group of the Albany Fire Department dive team will travel to Vortex Spring, Florida to start the next phase of their training, diving in open water. The divers will continue their training to reach first responder certification.


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