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Video security in high demand across south Georgia


South Georgia security companies say a skyrocketing number of people are installing video surveillance systems in their homes.

Law enforcers say those systems are great tools in fighting crime.

Just last week a burglar in Moultrie was caught on a homeowner's surveillance camera system.

After WALB showed the video, he turned himself in and returned the thousands of dollars worth of merchandise he stole from two homes.

In May a woman was caught on a Dougherty County homeowner's surveillance video knocking on her door and then rifling through her carport.

The video led to her arrest. Investigators say they suspect she had broken into dozens of homes before she was caught.  Security companies say sales of these home surveillance systems are skyrocketing.

"I think the main reason is, first of all, it's the next level in security.  It's also the affordability of it," says Alarm Detection Technology owner Jay Carpenter.

Almost universal in businesses, video surveillance cameras are now being installed in more South Georgia homes.

The cameras are small, unobtrusive, and now many are wireless and use motion detectors to trigger. You can mount them inside and outside.

"I simply mount this camera, aim it at my driveway.  Make sure the camera is in range as far as the motion detector picking up.  So if somebody comes into my vehicle, somebody walks in front of this camera, it will take a 30 second video clip," says Carpenter.

Many security companies record and store the video as part of their monitoring service, making it easy on the owner. Law enforcement says having video of the crook and the crime is a big help.

"It doesn't take much as far as video, to give the authorities just a little piece. Just a little starting point. A vehicle, [even] a description of a person," notes Carpenter.

The camera's video quality is better, and the price much lower, so more homeowners are adding surveillance cameras to their alarm systems, to safeguard their homes and hopefully get crooks off their streets.

Police like to share surveillance video with us, and ask you the viewers to help identify crooks caught on video. It does work.

Carpenter says some cameras can also allow homeowners to watch what their cameras are shooting live on their smartphone or computer.

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