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East Albany homes evacuated after gas leak

© Brenda Luke, South Albany resident © Brenda Luke, South Albany resident

Several East Albany families are back in their homes Friday morning after they were evacuated by fire crews due to a gas leak.

The Albany Fire Department responded to a home on Smith Court around 1:30 a.m., where someone smelled a gas odor in the air.

Both residents and fire officials said they could clearly smell a high concentration of gas in the neighborhood. So before the situation could get too dangerous, just under 20 homes were evacuated.

Fire crews located the leak coming from a meter that had been hit by a tree limb, behind a home on Smith Court. They then capped the leak by shutting the valve off as quickly as possible.

"Fortunately the leak was inside not outside, which is a help. Because the gas tends to dissipate a lot faster that way," said Battalion Chief Harcrow, Albany Fire Department. "It could have been a lot worse than it actually ended up being but we took precautions. We wanted to make sure everybody was out and everybody was safe."

WG&L crews then responded shortly after to evaluate gas concentration levels before residents could safely return to their homes.

"Someone was bangin' on the door, saying a tree limb had fell and the gas was smelling," said Brenda Luke, Resident. "They told us to get out. So, we got out of the house and went outside."

Around 6 homes were evacuated off Smith Court and 10 others were cleared closest to the home with the leak.

They aren't sure how long the gas was leaking but crews were out there from 1:30 to 3:30 this morning. There were no injuries

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