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Dougherty Co. students off to a fresh start at new schools


Dougherty County school district closed down three schools at the end of the school year last year, which means many students, will be transferring to news schools in new parts of town.
On Thursday parents gathered at Live Oak Elementary, for some the faces in the halls were very familiar, but for some parents. The faces of the teachers and staff were entirely new.

Parents are getting their little ones ready to start a new year

"My son is going to the fourth grade,” said parent Michelle Thomas.

"She’ll be starting 4th grade,” said parent Derek Pace.

Monday will mark the beginning of a new classroom environment, for some parents and their children.

"She was previously at Magnolia elementary,” said Pace.

But after the school system closed Magnolia and two other schools, students were rezoned.  Now, Deira will begin this school year in Ms. Johnson's class at Live Oak Elementary.

"It’s very exciting because we have many new students, we have many new teachers, we have a new administrator and it's very exciting it's like we have a brand new school,” said Live Oak teacher Linda Johnson.

While this transition is new for Deira and her parents, they are welcoming the change.

"It's a change, it's a change, but not all change is bad" said Pace

Live Oak principal Latoya Stephenson is making sure the change for these parents goes as smooth as possible.

"We have had a great transition because our staff has prepared for the number of parents and students that were expected, it was quoted that it was a number of 600 students coming to Live Oak, and we said yes because that means more resources for our boys and girls to meet our educational goals" said Stephenson

Diera and her parents walked away from tonight's open house more confident about the new school.

"We feel good about this school, we feel good about it, and nice people, we were welcomed in, good friendly environment and as the teachers stated it's a family oriented environment" said Pace

An environment that Diera and her family are ready for.
Classes are set to begin next Monday at all Dougherty County schools. There is still time to make sure your children are enrolled. 

For information on how to register click the link below:

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