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New options for WALB DISH subscribers


DISH network subscribers will likely need an antenna to continue watching WALB NBC and ABC after midnight.

"Some receivers that Dish has, we can actually run the antenna through the receiver and it will come up on the guide of the receiver," said Darrell Pantone, the sales manager for Davis Antenna Systems.

At midnight, Raycom's contract with DISH expires.  

"It doesn't look good. As an example, Tuesday, their negotiators hung up on our legal team for the second time, if that gives you any idea of how poorly it's going," said Jim Wilcox, WALB's V.P./General Manager.

An agreement has not been reached after three months of negotiating.

"Every three years, every station in the country renegotiate these retransmission consent agreements with every cable system and every satellite company. As an example, we're asking for less than a dollar, when we know that DISH is paying ESPN $5 per month, per subscriber," said Wilcox. 

Wilcox is urging DISH subscribers to take action by switching providers or accessing WALB for free with an antenna.

Buying and installing something like a "batwing", or outdoor, antenna should allow DISH customers to still receive WALB NBC and ABC. "Rabbit ears," or indoor antennas typically have a 20 mile radius. It all depends on how close you live to the WALB tower in Doerun.

"It's based on where you live, if it's what type of antenna we can put up for you. A lot of customers that call in, we ask them where they live so we'll know what type of antenna to put up," said Pantone.

Pricing for indoor and outdoor antennas vary. And it could cost hundreds of dollars if you include installation.

For more information about installing an antenna, call your local electronics store. 

If you're a DISH customer, you can switch subscribers by calling DirecTV at 1-888-866-3008, Mediacom Cable at 1-866-637-2225, AT&T Universe at 1-855-992-8292, or call your cable provider in your area.

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