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Parents won't enjoy tax free shopping before school starts


Dougherty County students return to class Monday, but the state's back to school sales tax holiday doesn't come until the weekend after that.

Parents say that the date is a bit of an inconvenience. but they will make sure they take advantage of the tax holiday at stores at in the mall in South Georgia and around Albany. 

It's time for parents to get their children ready to go back to school.

"One is going in 10th and one is going back on the 7th" said parent Jodi Lokey.

Parents like Jodi Lokey have to make sure their children are fully equipped.

"I plan on buying the mechanical pencils, the pens, the highlighter paper, rulers, the general stuff, and binders," said Lokey.

The state once again will offer parents a break with a sales tax holiday on clothes and school supplies.

The problem is many kids will already be back in the classroom before the tax free shopping days roll around.  Some parents say they'll buy what they have to this week, and do more shopping on the tax-free weekend.

"I plan to take full advantage of the tax free holiday" said parent Malika Wade.

Lokey says the sales tax holiday helps her pocketbook. 

"It's very important, it helps people like me who don't make a whole lot of money to actually buy things for their children, it helps us to purchase things that are necessities,"said Lokey

Many stores are also offering back to school sales and other specials to encourage parents to shop.

"With Walgreens you have to have a balance rewards card, it's easy to get, whenever you get ready to leave go to the cashier and give her your phone number, it takes two minutes of your time, that's the only way you can take advantage of the Walgreens sales program," Walgreens representative Joe Holmes.

A program that could ultimately save folks some money.

The sales tax holiday will be next Friday and Saturday, August 9th and 10th.

To find out what purchases qualify for the tax-free shopping click the link below.

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