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Americus police searching for on the run robber

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A robber held an Americus store clerk at gunpoint and is still on the run as of Monday night.

The store’s clerk spoke up about those terrifying moments.
Americus police and the folks, who work at that store, hope members of the community can help the man behind the crime, behind bars.

The entire crime was caught on camera. a man between 5"4 and 5"6 walked into Diva Foods on Sunday afternoon pointed a gun and demanded money. Store employee Kimberly Pickett believed her life was on the line.

"I was standing at the counter and a guy came into the store, I was leaving the store with a customer, and he pulled out a gun and started flagging the gun around the store,” said Pickett.

Moments later, the gunman began making demands.

"He told everybody to get down on the floor; by that time I'm standing there looking at him, I'm like I know you’re not doing this seriously,” said Pickett.

Next the robber headed over to the cash register

"I popped the register open, he grabbed all the money, before he grabbed all the money he told me to give him all of Nick's money, I said this is all the money that I have, but I said you can have this money, please don't shoot me, so when I popped the register, he got the money and he left out the store,” said Pickett.

Store owner Niral Patel, just wants this robber off the streets.

"We just want him prosecuted to the maximum,” said Patel.

No arrests have been made at this time but Americus police are pursuing some leads.

“We're currently following up on leads, trying to talk to some of the witnesses or victims, that were present at the time of the robbery, seeing if we can gain anymore information from them, and were also following up on some leads,” said a member of the Americus police staff.

 If you have any information that could help investigators catch the robber call the Americus police department at 220-924-3677.

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