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ADDU: Johns, you're next....


Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents say they plan to continue sting operations to fight prostitution across the city.

Business owners and neighbors in the areas frequented by prostitutes thank drug agents for trying to stop the crimes in their neighborhoods. They say prostitution hurts their community, and brings in more crime.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents say they plan to ramp up the fight against prostitution, because they are seeing the same women, back out on the streets even after they were arrested. Neighbors say they are happy law enforcement is trying to clean up their streets.

Late Friday night three more women were arrested for prostitution on Albany streets during an ADDU sting operation. One of those women was picked up by an undercover agent down the block from Eddie Turner's North Mock Road house.

And Turner is glad agents are cleaning up the prostitution. Turner said "No, I don't want that around my house. I come here to live, not to just board here. I'm living here, trying to own this property."

On West Highland Avenue, Affordable Tires and Auto Sales owner Patrick Ibe say they are happy that drug agents are watching, because they know having prostitutes will make customers nervous to come to their street. 

 "It's an eyesore to see some of those girls running around here. Working around here. Sometimes being chased by the police, or whatever," Ibe said.

ADDU drug agents say they are responding to numerous complaints about prostitutes in all parts of Albany-- east, west and downtown. They have targeted those areas in several sting operations since late January, and have now made 28 prostitution arrests so far.

Agents say many of those prostitutes had weapons and drug paraphernalia on them when arrested. They say so far the crime is not slowing down, and some of the prostitutes arrested have been seen back on the streets. So now drug agents may step up their fight.

"My next thing is, I'm going to start publishing pictures and names. I'm gong to start releasing those when we arrest somebody for this. If it's the john picking one up, we're going to put his name and his picture on the news," said ADDU Commander Major Bill Berry.

ADDU agents say they will continue to run sting operations aiming to get prostitutes off the streets, and keep them off. Major Berry said many prostitutes in these neighborhoods are working together, warning others when agents are targeting them. But he says that will not stop their sting operations.


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