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Gin Creek cultivates revolutionary fruit

Richie DeMott, co-owner of Gin Creek Richie DeMott, co-owner of Gin Creek

When you think of Gin Creek, the first thing that might come to mind is a wedding destination. Now there is a new attraction growing on the plantation.

For the first time since the American Revolutionary War, a hybrid grape has taken root in Georgia soil.

"We built the vineyards and then we, after we did the vineyards we said, well we got these grapes, we might as well go ahead and start making wine," said Richie DeMott co-owner of Gin Creek.

DeMott says he could not do this project without the help of his brother Doug.  "He is very instrumental in making things work. He has a lot of great ideas and he knows how to do them and I tell you we couldn't do it without him."

Gin Creek is already getting recognition for the flavors of their wine and it lies deep within the roots. "This is a Tift soil that we're growing this in, which is very unique and it gives the wine the flavor that it has that most of the people in Georgia have tasted the wine thinks it's excellent," said DeMott.

The above average rainfall has helped Mr. DeMott save some water, but it is causing an illness for some of his crops. "We've had a lot of rain and one of our varieties we've probably lost 30% of the crop to rot."

At first they were a little discouraged about the crop taking, but now they are filled with excitement. "We introduced it in 2010 we did a study on it and we felt like it would work and it's turned out to work really well."

Their wine won the Vino Venue taste contest in Atlanta this year and nothing but positive things are flowing from what was just an experiment a few years ago.

Mr. DeMott has applied for his federal and state licenses and hopes to have the wine in local stores and restaurants by the fall.


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