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Mailbox vandals ravage T'ville neighborhood


Flags are left in pieces, in some cases numbers are missing, and even cancer awareness ribbons were removed.

"It makes me feel sorry for the people. If you could stoop that low to take a cancer bow off of somebody's mailbox just cause you think it is funny, you don't know how much that affects people," said Longwood Drive homeowner Kyle Ragan.

Ragan says after having to replace his mailbox for the third time, he is ready to stand up with his neighbors.

"As a community I feel like we should get together and see if we can try to figure out what is going on. You have so many people that it is affecting."

Investigators say over the last few weeks vandals have been terrorizing the Lake Riverside community.

"We actually spoke to the sheriff's department and they had counted 92 mailboxes in one night. They tore down a woman's fence around the corner," said Ragan.

"It's senseless damage. Nobody is profiting from it. Nobody is stealing it and reselling it. It is just plain out meanness," said Captain Steve Jones.

Ragan says these crimes are costly for each homeowner and the community as a whole.

"It's really aggravating to everybody. Even the people it's not happening too because it makes your neighborhood not look as good as you think it is."

"One of the ladies I talked to earlier in the week said this is a very expensive mailbox. It was a gift and I priced replacing it and it was expensive. This is money out of people's pocket," said Jones.

And some homeowners say they refuse to make any home improvements until this issue is resolved.

"People want to decorate around their driveways, flowers, stuff like that. Nobody is wanting to do it right now because they are scared that people or kids or whoever is doing it are going to come around here and vandalize it anyway," said Ragan.

Investigators say if and when the vandals are caught they will at least be charged with criminal trespass.

Investigators say if Lake Riverside residents see anything suspicious they should call 911 or the Sheriff's Office at 225-4151.



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