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Hay barn fire could be arson

Stan Savage Stan Savage
Still few clues tonight about who set a hay barn on fire in Colquitt County about three o'clock Tuesday morning.

It's about a 100-thousand dollar loss for cattle rancher Stan Savage.

He's offering a 10-thousand dollar reward in the case.


This hay season has been a struggle to say the least with all of the rain. But some of Stan Savage's hay has turned to ashes and he wants answers on how it happened.

"I want to know, I just want to know. One who did it and why they did it. And it's worth the 10,000 dollar reward to me, to do that," said Stan Savage Moultrie farmer. 

When Savage arrived at the blaze, he instantly started to search for clues on where the fire started. But the way the flames were shaped lead everyone to believe it was started in multiple places.

"Nobody even said, well you know what kind of accident it was, everyone is talking arson. Because we can't find a point of origin a single point of origin and if it was an accident that's what they'd look for. And we can't find it," stated Savage. 

All 700 bales of hay were considered quality hay and were being stored for back up and with the slow season this is a major burn for his farm.

"Primarily , that is just extra hay, and this year its going to be a question if we have any extra hay and it's going to be a real question if we have any extra hay this was good hay," stressed Savage.

In addition, he has had to battle the abundant rainfall, which is forcing him to settle for lower quality hay.

"But the dry hay, we just haven't we have only had 35 rolls we could even add to this barn out of about 400 that we have put up, the rest of them are outside," said Savage.

Most of the hay is used on his farm to feed his cattle and he will try to make more hay while the sun shines. He expects the clean up to go quickly because out of the 250 tons of hay that was burned in the barn, only about 10 tons remain.

If you have any information about the fire, please call the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office at 616-7430. 



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