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Broadmeadow takes over Logistics Command

Major General John J. Broadmeadow receives the Marine colors Major General John J. Broadmeadow receives the Marine colors
Major General John J. Broadmeadow Major General John J. Broadmeadow

During a time of major defense spending cuts, a change of command was performed at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany. Major General John J. Broadmeadow took over Logistics Command at a base faced with many challenges, including furloughs and a shrinking Marine Corps.

With the acceptance of the Marine Corps colors, Major General John J. Broadmeadow assumed command of Marine Corps Logistics.

"I'm standing up here today, and I just took those colors, and it feels pretty doggone good," he said.

But following the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony, the realization of a tough task ahead. "This country is undergoing a fiscal crisis. That is just as great as any enemy we may face on the battlefield," he said.

 It's the battlefields, though, that are much smaller. With the Iraq War over and US Operations winding down in Afghanistan, the role of the Marine Corps and its logistics operations is changing.

"Now that our country is coming out of Afghanistan, what our country needs is for us to go back to our expeditionary roots and the Marine Corps is going to change in that regard."

It must do so though amid major defense spending cuts. Already civilian employees have been furloughed 11 days. "It impacts the command. It impacts your ability to do work. Not only that, for the management. Even though you're in the office less time, you're actually in the office more time managing the furloughs."

Despite sequestration, MCLB Albany is the recipient of high dollar defense contracts which ensure its role in not only protecting our country, but keeping jobs here at home. And with ever changing threats from abroad, work here will go on.

"There is still a lot of business of the government that has to get done. We still have to be ready to go and that type of business is going to be very important well into the future," Broadmeadow said.

A future filled with challenges, one this General say he's ready to tackle.

Just this week an amendment passed in the House of Representatives that would end civilian furloughs in the next fiscal year. It must still pass in the Senate and be signed by the president for it to go into effect.


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