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Beavers cause major issues for Lee Co. resident


When you stand in Nix's yard, all you see and hear are streams of flowing water, so how did this miniature river get started?

"A lot of beavers, a lot of beavers across the road, it's a man made pond that's causing me and my neighbors a lot of grief," said Bill Nix, property owner.

If the beaver dams are not taken care of, Nix fears the worst for the home he's owned for decades

"If the 15 foot beaver dam breaks across the road it's going to wipe my house across the map," said Nix.

Nix got help to get rid of beaver dams before.

"The county workers have been doing a lot of work, a lot of good work trying to keep it down, but now they've found out that it's a privately owned pond across there, so there is only so much the county can do," said Nix.

When you go behind Nix's house you can see streams pouring into the Kinchafoonee, WALB spoke with the county and they are working their hardest to get the water all cleaned up.

"We did take some corrective action this morning, or today whenever the dam did break and we did go in to try to slow the water down, so it wasn't receding as fast and flooding the area,so we did take some emergency corrective action," said Lynn Taylor, Lee County Manager.

Since the water pouring into Nix's yard is coming in from private property, Nix hopes that property owner will step up.

'Whoever owns it you better fix it, if all of the neighbors it's affecting have to get together and get a lawyer will do it, but we have go to get it fixed," said Nix.

County officials tell us they will work with property owners in the area to try to solve the problem.

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